Trundle Beds

The Pros and Cons of Trundle Beds

All about Trundle Beds

What’s the point of a Trundle Bed?

A Trundle Bed is multiple beds in one. A standard Trundle Bed looks like a regular Twin or Full bed, but also has a smaller bed that slides out from underneath it to create a second sleeping area. “Pop up” or “3-Position” Trundle Beds have the ability for the second mattress to be raised to the same height at the primary mattress to make one large sleeping surface.

Are Trundle Beds good for everyday use? 

Trundle Beds are a great choice for everyday use because while they look and feel like a regular bed, they can quickly expand when an extra bed is needed.  Last minute guests or children’s sleepover? No problem, the Trundle has you covered! While Trundle Beds are most known to be used in children’s rooms, they are remarkably versatile and can be used in all types of rooms. They are great for guest rooms, vacation cabins, as well as living spaces that serve multiple purposes. 

Can Adults sleep on a Trundle Bed? 

Yes! A well-built Trundle Bed provides a strong foundation for any sized sleeper.  Most trundle beds are Twin or Full sized and are rated for 250-400lbs, which gives plenty of room for an adult to sleep comfortably. 

Trundle Beds for Kids

Trundle Beds are a very popular choice for children’s bedrooms because they can quickly expand to create a second sleeping area in the bedroom for guests and sleepovers. Both kids and their parents love the ability to have an extra bed when its needed.

Many parents use a Trundle Bed as way to transition little kids to their own “big kid” bed. Because the pull-out trundle is close to the floor, it is a good place for a small child to start when transitioning from a crib or to a regular bed.  Once they have mastered the trundle they can move to the upper mattress. The Trundle can be left open as extra security, or be hidden until needed again.

Some parents also use the lower trundle as a place to rest or sleep while they are helping their child learn how to sleep on the upper bed. Mom and Dad appreciate a soft place to rest on the lower mattress while their child falls asleep.

At Solid Custom Heirlooms one of our most popular Bunk Beds also includes a Trundle Bed on the bottom which adds a 3rd sleeping space when needed. 

 Trundle Bed sizing 

The most popular configuration of a Trundle Bed is Twin XL or Full XL on the top mattress and a regular sized Twin or Full for the lower mattress. This gives space for the lower mattress to fit easily under the bed and will make the lower mattress about 4 inches shorter than the upper mattress. If this is not desired, two of the same sized mattresses can be used and there will be about 4 inches of extra space on the upper bed.  A custom furniture builder can use this extra for other purposes such as a headboard, handrail or storage space. 

Trundle Bed mattresses are typically 6-8 inches thick. If a Pop-Up Trundle configuration is used the upper and lower mattress need to be the same thickness so that they will align when the lower mattress is in the “up” position.

What is a trundle bed in a hotel? 

A Trundle bed in a hotel is often also known as a “roll away bed” and is simply a foldable bed on wheels. This is much different than the type of Trundle Bed we describe in this article.