Storage Beds

Beds with storage underneath!

Everything you ever wanted to know about storage beds

What’s under your bed? If you are like most people there may be shoes, storage bins, and to be completely honest – perhaps a few dust bunnies lurking in the dark.

Storage beds make the most of often-unused space under the bed by providing built in drawers, cabinet doors or other spaces for storage. These beds can add storage and style to the bedroom without the addition of an additional piece of furniture.

Storage beds are hygienic as they replace an unused and often dusty space with clean, well-organized drawers. Where as typical under-bed storage gets dusty, a storage bed keeps things clean and well organized.

Storage beds often include shelves and drawers in the headboard of the bed. Many customers tell us that they appreciate a bookcase headboard that keeps their favorite reading material within arm’s reach. Some space saving designs can even have a space for a small lamp to sit on one of the shelves.

This article will cover the major types of storage beds, discuss options that buyers should consider and discuss why USA made storage beds are the highest quality option in the marketplace.

Types of storage beds

Beds with drawers

The most common type of storage bed has drawers underneath. The drawers can be on the right or left side of the bed, and some beds even have drawers that open from the foot of the bed. King and queen size storage bed can have very deep drawers, so make sure that the drawers feature full extension slides to make the most of the storage space.

Make sure to plan ahead so that drawers at the head-end of the bed do not interfere with bedside tables or other furniture that you plan to use. In many cases storage beds do not have drawers directly at the head end for that reason. Another option is built in bedside tables that accommodate drawers in storage beds.

platform storage bed with headboard
6 drawer storage bed with slanted headboard
captains bed
Cabinet door storage

Beds with cabinet doors 

Storage Beds can have cabinet doors instead of drawers, which can give access to larger spaces under the bed. Cabinet doors can be on the right and left side of the bed or also on the foot end of the bed. Some beds feature both drawers and cabinet doors, often with drawers on the sides and cabinet doors at the foot end of the bed. Some beds also have a space that passes all the way through from the right to the left side of the bed with cabinet doors on either side.

Beds with “cubbies” or open storage space

Some of the best storage beds have open storage areas, aka “cubbies” that make organization a snap with open access. Open shelving under a bed can be extra helpful for children to organize toys, games, shoes and clothing.

Some of our favorite storage beds have an open storage space under the headboard, which create a convenient storage area while eliminating a drawer that could interfere with a nightstands.

storage bed with cubby
Cubbie storage
storage headboard
Tall Storage Headboard

Storage headboards

If you need even more extra storage space, adding headboard storage to your storage bed frame may be the answer.

A storage headboard typically adds 12 to 18 inches of required floor space and can feature adjustable shelves, drawers and other types of built in storage. Headboard storage creates ample space for reading materials, alarm clocks, lamps, smart phone charging and other small items handy at bedtime.

If you have a large bedroom, some storage headboards include adjustable shelving on the back side of the bed!

Twin beds with storage underneath

A twin storage bed can transform your bedroom by making the most of small spaces. Customers tell us that they love our spacious drawers and that they can even be a replacement for a dresser that might otherwise clutter the room. A twin bed with four storage drawers can also free up closet space.

A twin bed with 6 drawers underneath could be configured with 3 drawers on each side, 6 drawers on one side so that the bed could be pushed up against a wall, or with the drawers at the foot of the bed.

Sometimes also called a “Mates bed,” the most common twin storage bed configuration is 3 or 6 drawers on one side so the the bed can be pushed up against a wall. Headboard storage is optional!

modern twin storage bed
Twin bed with storage
storage bed with headboard
King bed with 4 drawers

King and queen storage beds

Large storage beds make the most of space in the master bedroom. The large size of the bed delivers a multitude of storage options and huge storage capacity. A king or queen bed with storage underneath can be used in addition to or to replace a traditional dresser or chest of drawers.

King and queen size beds with storage underneath can be configured with up to 6 drawers on both sides, or 6 drawers on one single side. The most common configuration is a king bed with headboard, 6 drawers on each side and a cabinet door on the foot end.

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Captains beds

What makes a bed a captains bed? A captains bed is a storage bed with drawers on both sides, and a storage headboard. Captains beds are a type of storage bed, but not all storage beds are captains beds. A captains bed is a storage bed that is all about efficient use of space, and using all of that space for storage. While a storage bed may only have a couple of drawers, a captains bed will always have a lot of storage. Captains beds are usually in king or queen sizes, but they can be in any size a normal bed is made with too.

captains bed with bookcase headboard red oak
Captains Bed in Red Oak

How high is a storage bed?

Storage beds have a platform base that eliminates the need for a box spring and uses that space for storage. As a result, a storage bed can be the same height as a typical box spring bed or higher to accommodate additional storage.

A storage bed is typically 18 to 24 inches from the ground. Taller beds can accommodate additional storage but above 36” tall may require a ladder, stepstool or stairs for entry into the bed.

Custom bed frames with storage

At Solid Custom Heirlooms, we specialize in custom storage beds made from 7 wood choices: Ash, Cherry, Maple, Wormy Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut as well as a wide variety of stain choices.

Custom storage beds are one of our most popular requests from people trying to figure out how to make more space in their bedroom. People with a small space often tell us they can reduce or eliminate the other storage furniture in their bedroom such as dressers or chests when they switch to a storage bed.

custom storage bed
King bed with drawers in the side and end

We love to help customers design custom storage beds because there are so many options to work with -and even after many years of working with customers, custom requests often surprise us! For example, recently a customer asked us to add storage drawers on both the the side and footboard of a bed. Once we designed and delivered this bed, it turned out many other customers who saw this bed on our Instagram page asked for the same bed! The bed design, shown to the left, continues to be popular! As we have said before, we love getting new ideas from customers!.

Is a bed with storage bad for Feng Shui?

Over 10 years ago when we first started selling our furniture on Etsy, we got a lot of questions about the Fung Shui of storage beds. To be honest, we had no idea and really had never even heard of Feng Shui before! But over customers have educated us on this way of thinking and determining a bedroom layout.

 We’ve learned that Fung Shui experts agree while storing a lot of unorganized items under you bed is not good – using the space under your bed to store well-organized items in clean, organized storage drawers or shelves can boost your Fung Shui! But please don’t take our word for it – take a look at this blog over at Open Spaces Fung Shui – it’s the best we have found on the topic.

Storage Beds made in the USA!

The highest quality storage beds are made in the USA from locally grown and milled hardwood. There is simply no substitute for the quality and craftsmanship that you find here.

Solid Custom Heirlooms is a 3-generation strong family business based in the small town of Vinton, Ohio and is dedicated to crafting fine custom furniture, including storage beds, from locally sourced hardwoods. The hardwoods that are used in our furniture are sourced exclusively from the Appalachian region of the United States. We believe “Solid is Best” and use solid wood wherever possible in our designs and finishes.

We take pride in working with every customer to design and build furniture that best meets their needs. We gladly accept custom orders and discuss each piece of furniture with our customers. If you see furniture on our website and have an idea on how to customize it to make it best for you – please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.