Loft Beds

Are loft beds a good idea?

What is a loft bed?

A loft bed is a type of bed that is elevated from the floor on tall legs. A loft bed is different from a bunk bed, as a bunk bed has two mattress while a loft bed only has one. You access the mattress on top with of a ladder or stairs. A loft bed is built as a platform bed, because a box spring bed will limit your options for space below. Loft beds are great for saving space, and give you many options for storage or a desk.

What is the benefit of lofting a bed?

A loft bed saves floor space by raising the clearance under the bed. That space can then be used for many things such as a sitting area, a vanity, a TV, or a desk. All of this extra room is very beneficial and is a good reason for having a loft bed.

What is the point of a loft bed?

What is the advantage of a loft bed? By giving extra room for bedroom items, a loft bed can help de-clutter a room. This type of bed can also help give access to more parts of the room, freeing up wall space as well as floor space.

loft bed with desk underneath
Loft Bed with Stairs, Desk and Shelves

Is it comfortable to sleep in a loft bed?

It is very comfortable to sleep in a loft bed! Since a loft bed is built as a platform bed it will have the nice feel of a platform bed too. Sleeping on a loft bed will be a very similar experience to sleeping on any other style of bed. In fact, you may not even notice the difference.

Types of loft beds

What are the types of loft beds? Loft beds include loft beds with a ladder, loft beds with stairs, loft bed with desk, loft bed with shelves, double loft bed, and a twin loft bed. There are wooden loft beds and metal loft beds, and you could even have a custom made loft bed. Here are just a few of the styles of loft beds.

simple loft bed with ladder
Sturdy Loft Bed with Ladder

Loft beds with a ladder

A loft bed with a ladder is a great solution for those who wish to save floor space with their bed footprint. Because a ladder is naturally thinner than other options it is great for saving space. A ladder is a low profile and effective way to gain access to a loft bed, while looking good too. A wide ladder will still provide comfort and stability as well. A ladder can also be a great option for a junior loft bed, as it will save space in their smaller rooms.

Loft beds with stairs

Stairs are great options for those who do not prefer a ladder. While a ladder is a perfect fit for some, others may prefer walking to climbing and should consider stairs for their loft bed. If you are not a fan of ladders, then stairs are for you! While they do take up additional floor space, stairs can be well worth the trade off if one is looking for an easier way to bed.

wide loft bed with stairs
Large Loft bed with Stairs
loft bed with dresser
Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

Loft bed with desk

One of the pros of a loft bed is that it saves so much room below the bed. Because of this you can fit things under the bed that would otherwise be elsewhere, such as a desk. Many people find that a loft bed with desk creates a perfect home office and work from home space, or a great hobby space.

Loft bed with shelves

The space under a loft bed can also be used for storage, such as shelves or drawers. Shelves and drawers are ideal for a loft bed because they save space in other parts of the room that would otherwise be taken up by shelves and other storage. Shelves and drawers can also be used in combination with a desk, so you can create your perfect custom loft bed.

What are the rules for loft beds?

What are the rules for loft beds? There are three considerations: how much weight the bed can hold, how high the room’s ceiling is, and safety. These are key factors for loft beds.

Many people wonder “how much weight do loft beds hold, do loft beds have weight limits, and how much weight do loft beds hold?” Weight is a concern for many people, however, a well built loft bed will have a higher weight capacity than you may think.

A good solid wood twin loft bed will be able to hold a minimum of 200lbs, while a full sized will hold about 600lbs or more. Be sure to check out some more details on loft bed weight capacity below in this article. But rest assured, a well built loft bed will have a weight capacity that will fit your needs, whether it is for your kids or yourself.

It is also always a good idea to measure your room dimensions before purchasing a loft bed, especially the ceiling height. How much head room do you need above your loft bed? If you want to sit up in your bed, your bed will be shorter than if you are OK with not being able to sit up in bed.

If you do want to be able to sit up, your bed will have a shorter clearance underneath, which may not be something to worry about if you have a high ceiling, but it should be a consideration if your ceiling is shorter than average. In general, 36″ from mattress to ceiling is enough for most people to sit up straight in a loft bed. Please see a more in depth guide on loft beds and ceiling heights below.

Are loft beds safe?

Are loft beds safe? Railing height has a lot to do with loft bed safety. It is recommended to have a minimum of about 5″ from the top of the mattress to the top of the rail, which will ensure that no one will fall off the bed. Loft beds are safe if you follow the correct precautions.

Most accidents and injuries in a loft bed or a bunk bed happen with kids 6 years old and under. So a 5 year-old should probably not be using a ladder or a loft bed alone. In general it is a bad idea to have squirmy kids anywhere where they could fall from a distance that would hurt themselves. Injuries on a loft bed ladder are also a possibility, so make sure to train your child on proper ladder use before putting them in a loft bed.

loft bed with ladder multicolor
Loft Bed with High Railings

Adult loft beds

Can adults use loft beds? Is a loft bed good for adults? Yes, because a loft bed can be made with a higher weight capacity to hold two adults, and can be made with a larger mattress to accommodate them. While many people think of a loft bed as being a twin for kids, a loft bed can be made in many larger sizes too, such as a full size loft bed for adults. Many people find that a loft bed is a good option for saving space in an adult room.

Adult Loft Bed with desk underneath
Adult Loft Bed with Stairs

Loft bed for adults with stairs

A loft bed with stairs can be great for adults who prefer to walk to bed, rather than climbing on a ladder. Stairs can be a great alternative to a ladder, as they help with the ease of going to bed with no climbing required. Many people prefer not to climb, and should therefor look at stairs as a more comfortable alternative to a ladder.

Is it healthy to sleep on a loft bed?

You may wonder if there are any health benefits to sleeping on a loft bed, or if sleeping on a loft bed is healthy at all. There are actually several benefits to sleeping on a loft bed: the exertion required to get in and out of a loft bed on a ladder or stairs can be really good for you. Having to climb down a ladder or stairs first thing in the morning can be just the thing to help wake your body up. And climbing up to bed at night can be just the right amount of exercise needed to give yourself a good night’s rest.

Additionally, there can be some mental health benefits to sleeping in a loft bed. The higher position of a loft bed helps give a sense of being “above the chaos” in an otherwise busy room, and people even report that a loft bed can make them feel like they have a nice safe space or “perch” where they can feel at peace while sleeping. Sleeping on a loft bed is healthy, and may even be superior to a regular bed in some respects.

Is a loft bed safe for two adults?

Can adults sleep in loft beds? Are loft beds a good idea for adults? You may be wondering if a loft bed is the right choice for two full grown people. Because a loft bed can have such a high weight capacity and can accommodate a large mattress, people find that a loft bed can be a great fit for a couple. Equipped with a full size mattress, adults may not even notice the difference between sleeping on a loft bed and a different style of bed. Plus, the possibilities for for the space under the loft bed only increases with an adult sized mattress, such as queen size loft beds for adults, because the space grows with it.

There are a variety of options of full size loft beds for adults: loft beds for adults full size, full size low loft bed for adults, full size loft beds for adults with storage, and many more. These are just some of the variations of loft bed that are suitable for adults.

loft beds, Loft Beds
Sturdy Loft Bed for Two Adults

Queen size loft bed

Is it possible to have a queen loft bed? Yes, because a loft bed can fit any size of mattress you like. Since a queen loft bed is larger than a twin loft bed, adults may find that it is a good solution for them. A queen size loft bed with stairs makes for easier bed access, while a queen loft bed with storage presents yet more options in the form of drawers, shelves or a desk.

King size loft bed

Can you put a king mattress on a loft bed? Certainly, because a loft bed can fit all standard mattress sizes, including a king. A king sized loft bed provides more space built right in, and gives you more options for storage underneath than the standard twin loft bed.

How much weight can a loft bed hold?

How much weight can a full size loft bed hold? What is the weight limit for a loft bed? A standard twin loft bed can hold between 200lb and 500lb. A full size mattress can hold even more, about 600lb or more. And the possibilities only increase with a custom loft bed, which can hold up to 2000lb. The same goes for a bunk bed weight limit on top and the maximum weight for top bunk bed. Be sure to confer with your loft bed provider about the bed’s weight capacity before purchase.

High weight capacity loft bed

If you are in need of a high weight capacity loft bed, rest assured, they exist. If you want to make your loft bed weight capacity 1000lb or more, you may be looking at a custom bed.

How to make a loft bed hold more weight

You may also wonder how to make a loft bed hold more weight. It comes down to the quality of materials and hardware. If you have a standard ikea bed there may be nothing you can do without completely remaking the bed. Big-box store beds are made with particle board or low quality metal, which are not nearly as stable as solid hardwood or higher quality metal. So make sure you think about stability before you purchase a loft bed.

high weight capacity loft bed with ladder
High Weight Capacity Loft Bed for Adults

Heavy duty loft beds

What is a heavy duty loft bed? A heavy duty loft bed serves the needs of someone who is looking for higher weight and size capacity, as well as higher durability. A heavy duty loft bed will be able to hold more weight than a standard loft bed, as well as accommodate more size.

Heavy duty loft beds are great for those who need more weight or size capacity. Heavy duty loft beds for adults may be able to hold over 1000lbs, depending on the model and maker. You can get a heavy duty loft bed in many sizes: there are full double heavy duty loft beds for adults, heavy duty loft beds for adults in queen size, twin heavy duty loft beds for adults and heavy duty loft beds for adults with stairs, to name a few. Make sure that your loft bed’s stairs or ladder have a high weight capacity as well, as falling on the way to bed is almost as un-fun as falling in bed.

If you are considering a heavy duty loft bed because you are an especially tall as well as heavy individual, make sure to get a loft bed that will accommodate an extra long mattress that will fit your needs.

high capacity loft bed with ladder
Heavy Duty Loft Bed

Heavy duty full size loft bed

A great heavy duty size for a loft bed is a heavy duty full size loft bed. These beds can hold a lot of weight, perhaps over 2000lbs depending on the manufacturer. A heavy duty full size loft bed can also have the same great features a normal loft bed has, so you could have a heavy duty loft bed with desk or with storage such as shelves or drawers.

Am I too heavy for a loft bed?

You may also wonder, “am I too heavy for a loft bed?” No, you are not too heavy, if you find the right bed! While not everyone may be able to sleep safely on the top bunk of their childhood bed anymore, there is a loft bed for everyone, including large adults. With modern heavy duty loft beds being capable of supporting over a thousand pounds, there are options out there for you. Make sure to get a bed that is constructed out of either high quality metal or wood, such as solid hardwood, and with quality hardware. Be sure to confer with your bed supplier for your particular model’s weight capacity.

Are metal loft beds better than wood?

Considering the fact that most of the heavy duty objects in our world are made of metal, you may be skeptical of entrusting yourself to a wooden loft bed. While this concern may sound plausible, wooden loft beds can actually be stronger and better than metal loft beds. A wooden loft may have a weight limit that is higher than it may seem, with a non custom wooden full size loft bed being able to hold over 600lb, or even up to 2000lb with a custom made loft bed. Wooden loft beds are the equal of metal loft beds in regards to weight.

However, wooden loft beds are actually superior to metal loft beds when it comes to noise. A well made solid hardwood wooden loft bed will barely make a sound as you access or sleep in your loft bed. But a metal loft bed, no matter how well made, will eventually start to make squeaking and rubbing noises, and you will have to lubricate it at every connection point. Standard metal loft beds may even start to squeak immediately. So if you do not fancy lubricating your bed, choose a wooden loft bed.

Loft height requirements

What are loft dimensions, and are there loft height requirements? There are four heights you should consider when seeing what loft bed will work for you: the clearance from floor to slats, the mattress thickness from slats to top of mattress, the railing height, and the space from the railing to the ceiling. Generally, you should make sure that your loft bed is built with at least 36″ between mattress and ceiling. That way most people can sit up in bed, with a bit of head room. Once you have factored in headroom, then you can calculate how tall your bed should be.

What is the average height of a loft bed?

It depends upon your ceiling height. Your bed should have about 30 inches from ceiling to top of railing, which will leave about 36″ from mattress to ceiling. That is enough space for most people to sit up in bed. Here are some recommendations based on ceiling height:

7ft: 54″ tall

8ft: 66″ tall

9ft: 78″ tall

10ft: 90″ tall

tall loft bed with ladder
Talll Loft Bed

What is the minimum loft headroom?

About 36″ from the ceiling to the mattress is recommended. That is enough for an average sized human to sit up in bed, with a couple of inches of headroom. Make sure to incorporate the height of the railing too. A safe railing will extend about 5 to 6 inches above the top of the mattress. So you should have about 30 inches between the ceiling and the top of the railing. The same goes for the minimum ceiling height for bunk beds.

Loft bed too close to ceiling

If your loft bed is too close to your ceiling, than you may want to consider a loft bed for low ceiling. With a low ceiling, a loft bed will have less space underneath and above. Space above is a trade off with space below, so consider which you want more of. You may find that you never sit up in bed, so you can purchase a bed that has a lower head clearance, giving you more space below. A loft bed for a 7 foot ceiling must take these considerations into account.

Loft apartment ceiling height

The minimum ceiling height for a loft in a bedroom or apartment varies. The higher the ceiling, the bigger the loft bed can be. You may be wondering what the standard loft ceiling height is. Since most rooms have about an 8 ft ceiling, so a typical loft bed will be made for an 8ft ceiling. Be sure to measure your ceiling before purchasing a loft bed, as that will affect your loft bed.

Loft bed pros and cons:


A loft bed saves space by making the space under the bed more usable.

Loft beds can be great for adults and kids who want to have more space in their room.

Loft beds can have desks and storage underneath, making them great for a home office or hobby space.

They are great for kids who need more room in their bedroom.


Loft beds are heavier than regular beds.

They are not good for squirmy kids who have a tendency to fall off of everything, including a loft bed.

Loft beds can be a challenge for those who do not want to ascend to bed with a ladder or stairs.

Custom loft beds

A custom built loft bed is often required create the perfect amount of space both above and below the loft bed platform. If you do not have standard ceiling height, a custom order loft bed may be the answer to creating the ideal sleeping arrangement for your bedroom
A custom made loft bed will also allow you to pick the right combination of loft height, stairs or ladder entry as well ask desks and storage under the loft.  Solid Custom Heirlooms welcomes custom orders of all types!

Are loft beds a good idea?

Are loft beds a good idea? Yes, because they help to save space that would otherwise be unused, and provide new opportunities for desks and storage when built in underneath. It is important that your loft bed be made with high quality material, such as solid hardwood, so that you will get the most out of your loft bed. At Solid Custom Heirlooms, we construct all of our loft beds with solid hardwood that provide stability and a squeak-free sleep.

We work with every customer to design and build a custom made loft bed that best meets their needs. We happily accept custom orders and discuss each piece of furniture with our customers. If you see furniture on our website and have an idea on how to customize it to help make it best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.