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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your furniture Made? Who makes it?

All furniture is handmade to your order by American craftspeople in Appalachia USA. Every piece of furniture is quality-checked, packaged and shipped from our facility in Vinton, Ohio.

Where does your wood come from?

Our wood is procured from local suppliers throughout the Appalachian region of the United States. Depending on the species, wood will be harvested in different parts of the region.

We use solid hardwood everywhere possible. No veneers or compressed particle boards are used. The wood that is not normally seen while the furniure is used (such as for bed support slats) is a different hardwood species such as Maple, Poplar or Bass.

The drawer box bottoms and cabinet backs are high quality 1/4″ plywood.

Does the furniture require assembly?

Beds are shipped in pieces that lay flat in a box and require assembly. Detailed instructions are provided. This design enables better protection of the product, lower shipping costs and is helpful when moving the furniture because it permits more compact shipping and storage.

Pieces such as dressers and bedside tables ship fully assembled.

Mattress dimensions

We build our furniture to the standard mattress lengths and widths as shown in our Mattress Size Guide Please note that different mattress makers can very the length, width and thicknesses of their products. Please check your mattress dimensions before you place your order.

There is no industry-standard thickness and variations such as construction types, pillow-tops and other features can impact your final finished mattress height. Please check all your mattress dimensions and don’t forget to factor in any “toppers” you plan to use prior to your order.

What if I want a REALLY BIG bed?

Yes! We offer Wyoming, Texas and Alaska King sizes, and can also work with you if you have a custom sized mattress. Please see our Mattress Size Guide for more details.

How does the furniture ship?

Our furniture is designed for efficient packing and shipping. Beds and other large items will be shipped in pieces that lay flat in our custom shipping crates. Smaller items such as dressers and bedside tables will be shipped fully assembled. This enables better protection of the product and lower shipping costs.

Every piece of furniture is carefully packed into a custom built wood crate and will be shipped by a national freight company such as FedEx Freight. Tracking information will be sent to you by email when your order has shipped.

How long is your lead time?

Unless specified otherwise, we ship our products within 12 weeks from the date of complete order confirmation if we are not impacted by force majeure. 
Most of our products are custom built for you. A few of our cabinet and shelf products may be shipped from inventory within 1 week of order confirmation. If a delivery interval is crucial to you, please contact us before you order. 
We have a good record of shipping by the date forecast but as we are a small business and things can happen that can cause delays. However, if an issue arises that delays shipping we notify the customer and continue to work to ship without refunds. 


We accept all major credit cards via Stripe as well as direct bank transfer. Details can be found in the checkout section.

Customers can choose to pay 100% at checkout or 50% at checkout and 50% prior to shipment. If you choose the 50/50 option, you will receive an invoice by email prior to shipment.

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