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American Walnut dresser

Where can I find furniture not made in China?

Where can I buy furniture not made in China? The vast majority of indoor and outdoor furniture found online and in Big Box furniture stores is made in China. Constructed from from low-cost particle board and plastic based veneers, Chinese made furniture can look good at first glance but rarely

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torii gate bed

What are Japanese platform beds called?

Japanese beds Here at Solid Custom Heirlooms we receive a lot of questions about Japanese platform beds – also sometimes called Zen platform beds. Back in 2013 when we first got started on Etsy, we got so many requests from customers wanting Japanese bed frames that we had to learn

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pine wood

The disadvantages of Pine wood furniture

Is Pine a good choice for wood furniture? Pine wood has been used for centuries for everything from building homes, fencing livestock to building furniture. And while there are plenty of good reasons to consider Pine bedroom furniture, in our experience Pine, and all softwoods for that matter, have some

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naturally aged cherry wood

Why I love Cherry wood

Building solid Cherry wood furniture I recently took a break from my regular job here at Solid Custom Heirlooms running our website and social media accounts to step back into a job that I truly love – working with hardwood. My teenage sons and I spent about a week sanding

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pros and cons of wood canopy beds

The pros and cons of canopy beds

Canopy beds: pros, cons, and how to choose the right one Are you dreaming of turning your bedroom into a luxurious sleep oasis? Look no further than canopy beds – the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The point of a canopy bed is not only to add a hint of

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extra tall loft bed

Extra tall loft beds

Extra tall loft beds Extra tall loft beds are the lanky cousins of normal loft beds. With plenty of room underneath, tall loft beds create extra space in small bedrooms, studio apartments and home offices by moving the bed high up off the floor. But there is more magic than

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Mid-Century Modern Bedside nightstand with 1 drawer side view

Bedside table with drawer

Bedside tables Whether your bed is a king, twin, platform, canopy, trundle, or any other type of, a bedside table is an essential for a complete sleeping arrangement. Many people have found that a bedside table is an ideal spot to store bedtime items, such as a lamp or alarm

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Custom bunk bed with stairs solid wood

Custom bunk beds with stairs

Solid wood bunk beds for adults Wood bunk beds for adults are a popular choice for guest rooms, lake houses and vacation homes because they pack multiple beds into a small space. Twin over twin and twin over full bunk beds are especially popular options for vacation rentals in that

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Walnut vs. Oak

Which wood is better Walnut or Oak?

Oak vs Walnut wood furniture At Solid Custom Heirlooms we pride ourselves in building custom furniture from some of the best hardwoods in the world: Oak and Walnut. And while both of these wood species are extremely durable, long lasting and beautiful, they each have their own qualities that make

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can adults sleep on trundle beds?

Can adults sleep on trundle beds?

Modern trundle beds for adults Mention a trundle bed and most people think of children’s bedrooms – and for good reason! Trundle bed frames are perfect fit for kid’s rooms where they can provide the flexibility of an extra sleeping space when needed. Have a cousin or friend over for

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